Till I can hold you again

My lips oblivious to the taste of your lips in me Insanity delves in passion
Love singing with the birds out on the sunset
My shadows replaced by your imperfect beauty
With each glance of you reliving all the pain and happiness you had
Excitingly drowning in my self imaginations
My loneliness suffers from heartbreak
But hope dances with my pain

Cursed redemption

Deep wounds

The smile on her face when she replied Yes I do,

That smile can never be drawn by any artist

The attendees shared their happiness

 They all stood up to clap while the young couples walked down the aisle

 Abandoned by their parents, so the rumors said

The wife heavily pregnant on shaky grounds

The husband also walking on shaky grounds

They held their hands so tight as though they were blind

As they walked past the beautiful gardens just outside the church

They waved at the few attendees, not able to see any of their faces

A pursued fugitive then ran towards the couple

Kept a gun to the head of the pregnant wife

Hoping to scare the police away while his hands were trembling with fear

While the pandemonium celebrated its existence 

Her husband’s eyes were filled with tears wishing he could talk or see

But the only thing he could do was to kneel

The shaky fugitive then mistakenly shot the wife by the head where he placed his gun

Shock traveled round the hearts of those that witnessed it

But rather her husband crawled searching for his dead wife

While teardrops rolled down his cheeks


The prologue of the next stage of my life was pleasant to me,
Only because I was about to experience love.
Though, love is an emotion I don’t understand,
But I can see my shadow weighing it heavily on it’s shoulders

My path crossed a single mom,
Filled with guilt from her mistakes,
I let her in my fragile heart only to reassure her of the beauty of life,
An excuse to look for love at what is left of our broken heart.

Amongst our broken hearts,
We gathered strength to share the first kiss with great caution,
We gathered strength to smile having nothing to lose,
We gathered strength to love despite the pain in our scars.

Cry of an Ingrate

The grace to be who i want to be
But you on the other hand is so blessed
The hardwork i must possess to triumph
But that 3 year old kid grows fat from absolutely nothing to worry about
The worry of getting new clothes at low costs
While those couples spend lavishly on silly things
I pray fervently for a girl to love and marry
But that old man gets tired of having his daughters around him
Sleeping in darkness cause of the lack of light
But the street lights always shine bright at night
Cautious of not eating all the food i have today
I might not have another tomorrow
But this cripple leaves his leftovers unkept
Fear of sleeping at night cause of the fear of the unknown
But this infant sleeps peacefully at night
The fear of coming home to my wife with no money,
You have no idea of it feels
But that widow never complains of such
The great joy i will have if only i could walk again
But yet with my new legs, of what use is it when i can’t be the fastest person on earth.

Repair the stars

Being a soldier is not a curse

I could still remember him saying that to me

My darling husband, My life and joy

Unthinkable happiness he has brought to me

My daughter from another man, yet he chose to love me unconditionally.

I can’t wait to tell him I’m now pregnant for him

Today is the day he’s finally coming back home

Sad years of my life, he came around and wiped my eyes dry

Daydreaming of his return

Sleepwalking in daytime

Women of my nature believe me true love exists

Finally my daughter and i wore the best dress that fitted us

Anxiously waiting for a knock on the door

Finally, Finally, we heard a knock


I opened the door, and the crowd was overwhelming

My daughter and i walked in between the crowd out of curiosity

We then saw something placed on the shoulders of four

My curiosity begged with great pity

The smooth ground i walked by all my life became really shaky all of a sudden

I struggled to walk steady to not raise any suspicions

That thing was then dropped by these soldiers

I searched round the crowd like a mad woman to look for my husband

He was nowhere to be found

Could this be a joke by him

Maybe it is a joke

I opened that thing and found him finally

I tried to believe it was not a coffin all along

Honey, I’ve found you finally, i am pregnant i said

Wake up now, why are you in a coffin

But he’s not moving at all.

My heart beating rapidly, hoping hopelessly

Honey, my life is doomed without you

And suddenly i started laughing non stop

Years gone by and still i am yet laughing

But my pen and my notes reveal my nightmares

The right time ch 3.

‘You have had quite the experience with betrayal’, she said with curiosity written all over her face.

I shifted the chair i was seated in, to get my self comfortable. The feeling of being mocked got the best of me that minute, i wanted to stand up and leave, but instead i took a deep breath and stayed calm. My reason for being here is to find a solution to my problem, not to create another.

‘Are you married’ I then asked.

She stared at me as though she has admired something in me, or in the question i asked. But i swear her dimples, and her eyes, as white as snow, had me swallowing my saliva faster than usual.

‘I’m engaged’ she replied.

‘But i can’t see any ring’, i said curiously

She looked at her fingers, and then looked at me. ‘I don’t wear it everytime’

‘That is some kind of relationship’, i laughed.

‘See who is judging me’

‘So i guess you’ve not had any experience with betrayal’. I asked hoping to hear her own sad tales too.

She chuckled. ‘Well life has been so good to me’

‘Oh really’ , i replied with my eyebrow raised. It felt too good to be true, i said to myself.

‘Is the sun out there disturbing you’, she asked.

She must have seen the way i was trying to adjust my face.

‘Well, I’m seated close to the window, and it’s a sunny afternoon. It would be better if you shielded the sun with the cotton’.

‘Okay’, she smiled.

Dressed in that pencil skirt. She stood up and walked past me. I was only just getting a close view of her curvy hips and round ass. The pencil skirt made the temptation hard to turn down. Then all of a sudden, our eyes shook each other.

Awkwardly i cleared my throat and pretended nothing happened.

‘Are you staring at my butt’, she asked?

‘No…. Yeah… I mean no. But your hips are so perfect’. I cleared my throat, and gave a look that defined me claiming my innocence.

‘You know, i think you’re the cause of your problems. You are here trying to fix your problems and you’re here hitting on me. You must be kidding me right now’.

I felt embarrassed. ‘Why are you taking this a different way. I knew this was not going to work’.

‘Then leave if you are so sure, and don’t waste my time. That is the door behind you, it seems you are a mummy’s boy anyways, since she’s always the one making decisions for you’.

It all got awkwardly silent for some minutes. Neither the both of us was willing to apologize.

‘Okay, i think this has gotten awkward enough. I am sorry’ I said reluctantly.

She stared at me and looked confused. ‘Sorry about what’

‘Are you kidding me’ I replied.

‘If you want this to work, she said, you have to start owning up to all situations you find yourself in. So again, what are you sorry for’

‘Oh, so why don’t you take me back to school then. My thoughts speaking to me. ‘Alright, I’m sorry for hitting on you. Satisfied?’

‘That wasn’t so hard’. She looked not interested.

‘Stop making this hard for me please’ i said looking bothered.

She stared at me and saw that i was scared of losing this too. She then smiled and said,

‘On a second thought, before we continue you’re gonna have to take me out for lunch’.

‘Oh’, i got relieved. ‘I better watch my mouth next time then’

‘What did you say your name is again’, i asked.


‘Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and put up with my childishness’.

‘Oh c’mon, you’re not that bad, but i am really eager to hear the stories of the other girls’ she laughed.

I didn’t know what to think at this point. But i was glad i didn’t blow up this healing session i had with Omosowon, a counselor introduced to me by a close friend. We both stepped out of her office to go for lunch.

His emotions written in words to his dearest.

How is heaven my love

I hope its filled with the best things you deserve

I’m writing this poem out of faith

Hoping you get to read this

I still miss seeing those beautiful smile of yours

The jokes we shared

Your special pancakes every Saturday morning

Words are not enough to describe the joy you brought to my life.

Such pain as i watched you draw your last breath

I hope you no longer have to scream in pain anymore

I want you to know that i will always love you

I’m certain this world and its universe have not seen a star like you

I get drunk more often now, i hope you forgive me

Cause i don’t know how else to deal with your loss

I don’t write poems, so don’t judge me too harshly

I only wrote this to let you know i miss you every single day.

Pursuit of happiness

I would not oblige to death cause I’m blind

Rather clinge to the possibilities of happiness

I would not give in to depression cause i will never see light

I’m grateful for i will not be able to see the wicked ones at their works

I would wait to be loved

To love with all my heart like there’s no tomorrow

And i will dance on the day i experience this undying love.


I will refuse to be disgraced cause I’m crippled

Without my legs i will rise higher

I would not be downcast because i have no legs

I’m grateful for I’ve gotten an inspiration higher than any other

I would wait to be loved

To love with all my heart like there’s no tomorrow

And i will dance without my legs the day i experience this undying love.