A brother’s bond

What an heavenly way to die

How much so to the blood of my blood

Moments had come that tested our bonds

Almost did i lose you, i anxiously got relieved

Fear interfered with my undying love for you

The bond we shared, is it gone, i often ask myself

But do you remember how we grew

You remember how those girls fell in love with us just by our smiles

Storms raided in force, but we didn’t let go

How can i redeem myself to you, i prayed

My weakness was openly exposed, you did know

I swore fear wouldn’t hold me this time

And years passed

Your dying heart needed a replacement

What a time to be alive

Time had gone to the unknown

Less you leave me for real

My fear had no chance like i prayed for

What a time to be alive

My soul will be replaced for yours

What an heavenly way to die

Wake up now, wake up now for I’m with you in spirit my brother.


Cursed still, love endless for you i’ll give

Broken still, your strength through i live

Cast out still, my home will be your refuge

Crippled still, my steps shall i teach you

Blind still, your visions through i see the world

Deaf still, through your lips i speak my words

Hated still, through your strength i fight

Annihilated still, in you i’ll save all my life

Damned still, forever will i seek blessings for you

Burned still, our ashes still i would find breath too

Destroyed still, my hope in you shall stay strong

Conquered still, in you will i be victorious all day long

In your love will i live life still

Eternity without you less i die still

Cruelty of no form would i run still

Your flaws and pain, yet would i stay even in the next life to come still.

Hear me, Here still

I walked not the uncharming tree

Rather aware of which was troubling me

Silently, silently my steps posed

My life stained by the melancholist quotes.

Who would i be, what can i do

Surely, surely, my faith not stay idle

Have i gained, what do i have

No blames, no blames, my Lord yet not cast thee out to starve

My thoughts thrives as I’m almost home

Such life do i crave as beautiful as a dome

But I’ve been taught, gratitude yearns joy

Oi’ life can’t be bought, no time to be sad, Oi, rather enjoy.

Forsaken i believed but now cheerful

Those now pitiedly tearful

Joy ought to feel

Forward be gratified, yet see it become real

Premature Extinction

Joyfulness massacred

Living easily turns extinct

Sorrowful tunes dancing seductively

Blunder of a soul highly misjudged unpitidly the reason why

Understanding conquers hate

But misinterpretation greedily devours the immortals

Oblivion then becomes the hope of a fragile soul

Giving mourning the grace to rejoice yet again

Pain caused by our likes

Afterall love is of which we were created

But souls yearning for the scent of a blunder

Rather than practicing compassion

Dry Your Eyes..

And he said in his heated voice

“You don’t ever know how to do anything”

As he was seating annoyingly comfortable on the couch.

I can still feel my heart tearing itself out in fear in response.

Those hateful words of his became like chords to him for the past years of my life.

I scrambled myself away from his sight to give in to depression like i always do.

“Why am i never good enough for anything” i said as i bent my head over my knees in a room redesigned to drown my sorrows.

The frames of our beloved union was just a
fallacy not a marriage as i looked up to
where it was placed on these walls.

My thoughts were now as weak as my self

Years gone by being a prisoner in my supposed matrimony.

“How can he be so cruel overnight?” my hope for his redemption robbed me of my own joy.

A new start might just be a different type of
prison, i’ve often thought.

What are my guarantees of a better union?

I have seen the good turn bad afterall.

But my soul would still be on its knees praying for his redemption in this unfortunate nightmare.

That is what a good wife would do isn’t it?

Comfort In Mourning.

The weather brought in a shivering cold

Just after the stormy rain

The graveyard was thought provoking as usual

A man then walked towards a tomb with flowers

His walking steps described his crying soul

He said “I lost you so soon my angel daughter”

“The thoughts of your smile serves as my hope

in this nightmare of a life” his grief crippled him to his knees.

His voice screamed out in regret and grief

And echoed round the haven of the resting souls

His helping hands cuddled him like a baby on the grave of his daughter.

“Your cheerful soul soared higher than your sickness” he said with an already tearful voice.

“But you’ll always say, smile dad, always smile”

He then stood up and dusted himself up hurridly

“Smile, I will always smile my love”

“You will remain forever in my heart”,he said.

A life i never had.

Enchanting smile on an ordinary human

A thing that succumbed hope to his entire life

With just a glance, his soul began to flourish

Unbeknownst to the man,she was about to dance with death.

Conversating with his mirror with purpose

Hoping to meet his heartrob once again

Her whole skin was made of gold

A little child could see the screaming innocence in her eyes.

Nightmares has worn all colors in my life he said

She replied, has it worn white?,

Cause my beauty has caused me havoc

And just like all men, i know what you seek.

Love has been far from me unlike men like me

If dying is what you seek, i would die with you

A world of all worlds awaits us

So i can spend the rest of my life with you